Boston: Wicked Smaaht

I’m in love… with the city of Boston. I was given the chance to visit Boston after receiving an invite from my step father to catch a flight (or two) back east to Boston. My step father is a flight attendant stationed out of Boston and this granted me the luxury of flying for free. I flew stand by to Orlando and then took a connecting flight up north to Boston. I do need to mention that this was my first time flying solo and I definitely felt like a big boy. I arrived in Boston shortly after nine in the morning and was greeted by my step father at the terminal. We quickly gathered my bags and headed to my step father’s apartment to drop of my luggage.

This was a crazy moment because at this point we had nothing planned and I was in the one city I had wanted to visit my whole life. Naturally, we took the metro down to Harvard Square and found ourselves some burgers. The burger joint we stubbled upon was unlike any establishment I have ever step foot in. The walls were cluttered with  stickers, posters, signs, and pictures all of which I found amusing. There were signs with names such as Shaquille O’Neal, Matt Damon, Al Pacino, and Jonny Cash which indicated where they once had been served in restaurant. Politically satirical  signs and cartoons hung in full force right along side treasured sports memorabilia; both heavily influenced and representative of the state of Massachusetts. DJ and myself both order the “Kyrie Irving” which was a spicy burger served with cajan, bacon and a slice of heaven.After filling our tummies full of nummies we ventured out to tour Harvard. We decided to be our own tour guides given the twelve dollar fee need to get a group tour from the University. I found this a bit odd considering I give tours free of charge on behalf of Southern Utah University but I guess this just another reason SUU is the best.

After of few stops along the campus and spending a good while taking in the cites, we decided it was time to head into downtown Boston. We arrived in downtown via the metro and once we reached the surface the sun began to shine on this glorious day. The Freedom Trail begin in Boston Common and continues across Boston Harbor to the USS Constitution. Some highlights along the trail include the Massachusetts State House, the burial site of John Hancock, the first public school established by Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere’s house and the Bunker Hill Memorial. This journey took us through the heart of city , the Little Italy, and the more residential section of Boston. I was able to learn some new historical facts, enjoy the blissful weather, and bond with someone I had yet to spend quality time with. DJ and I returned to the handy metro system Boston provides and this time we wear headed for Kenmore station. Kenmore was a particularly busy station at this time as a result of its proximity to a crown jewel of Boston; Fenway Park.

Now, I am going to interrupt the story I am telling about my trip to Boston with a bit of background information. I have dreamt of the time when I would travel to Boston and get the chance to see Big Papa hit a home run right over the Green Monster. The first sport I ever learned to play was baseball and my favorite team has been the Boston Red Sox for as long I can remember. My favorite items of clothing growing up were my David Ortiz jersey and my Tom Brady jersey. I slowly grew an interest for more fast paced sports such as basketball and one can only image that I became a little Celtic’s fan. Through the tears, cheers, and countless loyal years I watched game after game, season after season of the Sox’s, Pat’s, and C’s from my home in Utah. Now, as I begin my descent back into my recollection of my trip to Boston, remember that I am now finally sitting in Fenway Park watching the Red Sox play the Tigers.

This game had everything and I mean ev-er-ry-thing. For starters there was multiple home runs, a stolen base, a dropped fly ball by an outfielder, a hit by pitch, a crowd wave, a delay due to phone lights, and a streaker across the field whose promptly laid out in center field by security. The Red Sox wound up winning the game 7-1 and everyone in attendance went home with Andrew Benintendi bobblehead. What a trip.

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