The Sounds of Summer

I tend to subconsciously create associations with the music I listen to. These associations relate to a wide variety of relevant and important components to my life. Vibrant and upbeat songs tend to make me think of the summer. As much as I love summer I may have a more fiery passion for the uplifting music I associate with summer. This is because I can get a taste of the sunshine even on a rainy day. My thoughts become more positive and I suddenly find myself reflecting on summer time adventures with my friends and family. In recent years I have become increasingly more open to new musical genres/artist and as I by-product I found a greater collection of music has brought a smile to my face.

There are a few artist that I have turned to for years now in times when I seek summer vibes. The likes of which includes The Royal Concept, Cage The Elephant, Vance Joy, The Kooks and of course The Beach Boys. More recently I have added new artist to my list, artist such as Foster The People, Saint Motel, Portugal. The Man, Bad Suns and Leon Bridges.

What I find to be genuinely special is that fact that each of these artist allows me to relate to individual memories and parts of summer. Cigarette Daydream by Cage The Elephant reminds me of the long runs on cool evenings, whereas Saturday Sun by Vance Joy makes me think of waking up early to hike a mountain trail. Outskirts Of Paradise by Bad Suns makes me think of getting some much needed work done and Best Friend by Foster The People allows me to reminisce the time I have spent my sister Maddi. A collective arrangement (otherwise known as my “Summa” playlist) is home to the entire summer experience through each of these artist and their beautifully composed songs.


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