Time With Dr. Brogli

I have learned a lot in the thirty plus hours I have shadowed Dr. Brogli this summer. For one, I have gained reassurance that an occupation in the medical field is my calling. Over  19 plus years that I have been alive on this earth, medical professional have been there for me nearly every step of the way. I have been assisted in pivotal moments in my life that without the proper care, I would not be here. Shadowing Dr. Brogli has been a time to reflect on all the medical professionals that have impacted me along my journey.

I have also gained insight into how running a medical practice works and what advantages it has. I do not mean how you can exploit patients to increase your own capital but rather the opposite. Dr. Brogli prioritizes quality care for her patients which includes addressing all concerns they might have, making a connection with the patient and their parents, and minimizing the total cost of their visit. Dr. Brogli puts her whole heart into her work.

I have learned that best part about this particular occupation is getting the privilege to help not just an individual but an entire family. Dr. Brogli gets to watch an entire family grow and develop throughout the years. On top  of that she has been in this business for 29 years and that means that former patients have begun to bring back their own children. There is something about that early stages of human development I find fascinating and something about make sure it all goes right that I find endearing.

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