I was going to title this entry “Keegan” because that is my name, but that’s also the name of the page so instead I am titling this “A Brief Excerpt of Myself”

Well, if you are reading this I’m kind of assuming I know you in real life and that you stumbled upon this blog because I kept badgering you about it over social media. To that I say – Thank you for finally caving. In the off chance you weren’t directed here through my social media, WELCOME! My name is Keegan Reed. I’m a 5 foot 7, 148 lb white guy with a big butt, but a bigger heart. What I lack in height, I make up for with boyish charm and self-deprecating humor. My main goal of creating this blog is to attract fame, fortune, and superficial women that only want me for my fame, and fortune. Because we all know women dig guys that blog. I am currently studying Philosophy and Chemistry at Southern Utah University and dream of going to medical school. That’ll show my parents I’m not a failure. I’m the youngest of 4 children, although it is pronounced favorite. Currently my hobbies include blogging, writing new blog posts, uploading new articles to my website, learning new ways of typing words and putting them on the same blog. HaHaHa I’m just joking, I don’t have hobbies.

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