The Savage One

Greetings to all viewing this, my name is John Michael Savage. Although I am honored to be named after both of my grandfathers, I have gone by the name Mikey my entire existence. I have a big family, which means that anyone who wants to be heard needs to speak up. Which is why I am looking forward to not having to raise my voice in order to share something of value, but rather post about such matter on this blog. The body of my family is made up of 8 children while the head consists of a mother and a father. My mother gave birth to my little sister Morgan, myself (stay with me), and my older sisters Mallorie, Mckenzie and Madison. While my step father has never given birth he did have a role in creation and care taking of my other three siblings Garrett (younger brother), Justin (older brother), and Jordan (older sister).At heart I live to be a loving member of my family and at my kidney, (yes I only have one) it works hard in order to maintain my well being. My family is the focal point of my life and in times of need I can always count on my family for support and inspiration.

My interests/characteristics individually may not be unique but much like a good recipe they collaborate to create a masterpiece. I love running, puppies, sports and I have a soft spot for marching band tunes. I can only see out of my left eye but my outlook on life is overwhelmingly positive. Spending time with friends and family is great but playing games with friends and family is best. Long heartfelt conversations tend to be a trend in my daily doings, whereas my presence on the dance floor is quite uncommon. I speak only one language but would love to learn a few while I am still young. I am currently studying psychology as student at Southern Utah University and have high aspirations of attending medical school. In my opinion, the human body is the most fascinating piece of machinery  because of its naturally intricate components and evolution over time. The brain happens to be my favorite part to learn about in the body, hence why I am studying psychology.

Well, now that I have properly introduced myself feel free to indulge, explore, and possibly find something of interest on this amateur blog